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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Furthererer Adventures of Baby Got Back

I was at the doctor's office. I had taken the bus because I'm broke off my ass and didn't know how much the meds would cost that he'd prescribe me would be. I have never endured anything more painful probably in my life. Seriously. I *cried* walking up the alleyway.

I knew it was going to be bad, but that was over the top.

I got to my doc's appointment and was laying on his patient's table when he came in, and his jaw drops and he goes,"What happened to you?!"

So, I tell him. Right away he checks my reflexes, which are spot on. Good, no ruptured discs.

Then, "So, what are you taking for this? What are you on?"

"Um, just Costco over-the-coun--"

"No! No! Ohh," he groans, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Then he blurts, "You need drugs! Strong drugs! A lot of them. It's going to be expensive."

"Well, I'm kinda brok--"

"Hang on a minute."

He rushes out, five minutes later he's back with a medium paper gift bag, full of three different drugs. Two boxes/10 days of Tridural, an opioide analgesic (can you say narcotic?) and "professional strength" Advil and extra strength Robaxacet. All in all, he probably gave me $80 or so of drugs, if not more.

To tell the truth, I've cried repeatedly from pain in the last few days, but you try psyching yourself up to leave the apartment when it means dealing with 4 flights of stairs and a major back problem.

I took the bus there, because I was somewhat broke and figured the cab would be twice as expensive thanks to all the Olympics construction in town... and my god was that a bad experience.

Fortunately I had patient bus drivers and kneeling buses. I only ultimately walked about a total of 4 blocks over the day, but I also hit up a bank and Steamrollers for a couple burritos to get me through the day for food.

With all the drugs given to me for free, I was able to take a cab home. I was giggling I was so giddy when I saw the cab pull curbside. As soon as I hopped into the back seat I popped one of the narcotic badboys, Tridural, which had me woozy and tripping within 30 blocks.

It's funny, I'm certainly not adverse to pot, but I don't do chemicals of any kind, really. I've taken Tylenol 3 before during all my varied accident rehab experiences, but I've never taken any stronger of a drug. I barely even take Tylenol for headaches. It has to be BAD before I take something. I've got Costco's over-the-counter painkiller that's essentially just Extra-extra-strength, but not harsh, and I usually use it only after killer workouts to prevent tension headaches from springing up, which they would otherwise.

These, though, are some serious pills. I'm wary of using something so addictive as an opioide analgesic, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I've cried REPEATEDLY from pain in the last few days. I don't cry from pain! I never cry from pain! I'm tougher than most people will ever be, after being tossed from a horse, being in several totalled car accidents, and all that shit. I mean, I know pain. I can handle pain! And this, baby, made me its bitch. I cried like a girl. Several times a day.

At least that's over with; this is manageable pain. I look forward to it subsiding enough that I can get off the harsh stuff, but until then? I'm a fan.

I'm still very movement challenged, very slow, and unable to maintain any one position at length, but at least I'm not in constant excruciating worst-pain-in-my-accident-riddled-life pain. I'm in harsh pain still, but it's a whole other galaxy of it. Believe me, this is not about mere semantics.

Whew. Well, time to lie down again. This post was written over the last 12 hours. Weird for someone who writes so fast. Not a week for blogging, friends.