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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Pictures from Today

I left work early to snap a few shots on what's probably the last real day of summer, albeit the forecast is nice tomorrow, too. But that's October. Today's September. :)

This tree is right as you exit the girl's washroom on Queen Elizabeth Park/Little Mountain. And I've always, always, always loved it, and I've shot it before, but something worked today.

I left before sunset, but the sky's changing hue ever so slightly, and I loved the moody look on the horizon from Little Mountain/QE Park.

[Non-locals: QE Park is an old, old park on a little mountain (hence why locals call it Little Mountain... since all the mountains off to the right are 4,000 feet or so and this one's paltry, but offers some of the best sunset views of the city, which is to the right and out of view, with about 2 million people around.]

This one's closer to home, where I live on the Fraser River. I love it when clouds part ever so slightly and light dances on water.

My scooter, not-so-hidden on a not-so-off-the-beaten-path, parked for convenience out of the troublesome eye of parking enforcement, looking fantastic with all those fall colours.

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