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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Morning Bitch Session

Sigh, I've been having back problems since Saturday. Very unstable in my low back, screwing with my right hip. I'm at home with an ice bag on it right now, and will have to suck it up and head into work quickly here, but I'm waiting a few more minutes for my laundry to finish -- which I forgot to put in the dryer.

Sigh. SIGH.

And I'm tired of American coverage of "high gas prices" when our at-par dollar yields a tank that's nearly $2 a gallon higher than America's average price. Around $5.10 a gallon here right now. Hell, my scooter? Cost me $3.10 to fill up when I bought it, nearly $8 now. Crazy, hey? Madness. And it pisses me the fuck off that we're not regulating prices here more. I can't imagine what sucking that price up as a car owner is like.

God, I really need to ice myself down a lot tonight. I feel inflamed all over my body. Ow. This sucks!

I'm probably going to go pick my old desk chair up @ GayBoy's tonight. I think the majority of my problem is how I'm sitting at my desk right now for writing and stuff, so I need to have a better seating arrangement or else I have to cut back on the writing for a while. I'm using my laptop in a different chair right now, for example, but considering my laptop's missing a few keys and is slower than molasses, I hate writing on it. Gah!

Whine, whine, whine. Bitch, bitch, bitch. :)

Okay, laundry's done in three minutes, then I shower and skedaddle.