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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of Baby Got Back

Oh, I hurt, hurt, hurt. Sigh. Mornings are the worst for back pain anyhow.

I've been up since 6. I've iced, stretched, and massaged myself already. I just finished eating. Soon I'll lie down again. Sigh.

One of my readers, DP, sent me a link for an injury yesterday and I dismissed it, saying "Oh, no, my legs don't have pain..." They don't, really, but they're super-inflamed. So, when I began massaging yesterday, i began being able to better define areas of pain. Turns out the reader's smack-dab right.

So, I have a common ailment of mountain climbers and distance cyclists. It's a sports injury. Wikipedia suggests it can take a couple of weeks to settle down. Oy vey.

Well, I'm not sure if this morning's worse or better than yesterday. I woke up with less pain yesterday but segued into worse pain quickly. This morning, woke up in more pain but it has maintained and/or periodically lessened over the last couple hours. So what does that mean? Fucked if I know!


Last week my aunt sent me a raincoat -- a nice waterproof one, peach-coloured, that fits me like a glove. It's an XL. But you know what? I haven't fit in a regular off-the-rack XL since I entered college in 1991. :)

Seriously! 17 years! FUCKING A. And my friend's mom saw me for the first time in a few years this weekend, outside a store apparently, and told him that I'd lost a lot of weight.

Fantastic. People who haven't seen me in years are noticing? AWESOME. Yay ME.

I guess having cycled as much as I have, climbed as many stairs as I have, over the last few months -- having lost 50 pounds while still often eating piggishly, heh... well, my thigh muscles must be Stronger Than Anyone In The World! Hence this fucking annoying back problem. God.

Massaging my legs last night was illuminating. That's not fat --that's MUSCLE. I had no idea they were this overdeveloped. Holy shit. Holy TENSE, Batman.

Zero quality of life going on here, wow. Blah. :P

Well, at least I can cheer up and watch the markets recover from last week's chaos. Oh, the Dow's down 500 points? Well, I'll be over here hiding under my blanket a while then. :P

[Funnily... I expect to get neck and shoulder spasms from all the massaging I'll be doing... But I can live with neck and shoulder spasms! Hell, I can WORK with neck and shoulder spasms. I have, often! And I'd rather that. This back shit, though, fuck this. If it takes neck and shoulder pain, that's a price I'm willing to pay. Jesus.]