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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Smattering

My scooter is HAPPY for the first time in a long time. Let's hope it stays that way.

By long time, I think I mean about two years. I'm so goddamned relieved. You don't know how unpleasant it is to know every time you're on your scooter that someone's going to get pissed you're going so slow. In a world of road rage, that's not fun.

Now I have power again and all the old speed. With power comes safety, because I can react faster and better to dangerous situations. Fantastic.

So. Much. Relief. About. That.

It's been harrowing at times. It's been summer, so I've opted to cycle a lot partly for that reason. I have not been "leisure riding" my scooter at all this year. It's been too dangerous, really, at times. Not any more!

My favourite aunt is visiting me this weekend. A birthday thing, I guess? :)

Whatever, just seeing her will be nice. And my uncle, of course!


And I couldn't help but share this incredibly tasteless but funny line from the Huffington Post in a great piece that writes of a trend in the NYT's crossword of having "Obama" as an answer to questions.
But how is it that "John McCain" has never found it's way into a Times puzzle even once? "McCain" looks right at home inside tiny boxes! Fred Thompson tells me McCain spent five and a half years in a tiny box!
Heh, heh. Of course I would find that funny. I'm both tasteless and funny myself.

But I wear it well.


Today I feel like the clouds parted on what's been a tough couple of months. It never really got me down, though. I was tired, I was annoyed, I was even exasperated, but I was never depressed. So, this is good.

And now it seems like everything has suddenly started getting simpler as of yesterday. Can't explain it. Just did. Does.

Take it when you can get it, man, 'cause you ain't gonna get it often, right?

I suspect my sleep will be sound tonight.

Except for the small matter of traffic court early in the morning. But hey. Fingers crossed the karmic payout continues for another day or month or so. :)