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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey, Look, It's a Bail-out!

Okay, quickie political rant here!

Ironing my shirt, listening to the partisan bullshit on CNN about the whole 700-billion-bailout thingie. Apparently the Democrats are being evil by demanding safeguards in the bailout package.

Here's the thing: Bush comes out, says, "DIRE TIMES! FEED WALL STREET MONEY, OR WE ALL GO BOOM!"

Now, I'm no dummy. I'm watching the economic system come apart at the seams, which I've been expecting to happen for ten years now. I studied history, I know the Depression happened because of rampant speculation, stock-buying on credit, and no regulatory powers really overseeing things. The more our economy began mirroring those times, the more I thought we had a date with dire happenings.

I am NOT surprised to see this shit coming down the pipe.

I am, however, highly dubious of Bush and the fuckwits he's put in charge having blank-cheque powers over $700 billion earmarked to save fuckwits who didn't even understand the ramifications of the system they were creating by way of credit-buying and bad-loan-giving. I mean, hello?

I mean, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac have been bailed out, and their bigwigs REWARDED with sexy severence packages after the taxpayers of the US have been gouged, what, $250 billion for that package? Hello? I think I saw one estimate that one of the bigwigs was making roughly, as it worked out, $17,000 an HOUR?

When *I* fuck up at work, I don't get raises. I get shame and guilt, like ANY FUCK-UP DESERVES.

Democrats demanding that no severence packages are paid, and that shareholders are not reimbursed, with these packages are NOT excessive demands.

It is pragmatism in a time that demands nothing less than the most exacting pragmatism and the greatest penny-pinching. We are in unprecedented times, times that are spreading globally.

We took George Bush's word once. It led us to Iraq. The weapons of mass destruction we were vowed were the cause of the invasion? Never existed.

When the boy who cries wolf cries "wolf" again, it's not unexpected that we should be wanting to take a look around before loading the guns.