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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More on Politics: Rezko versus Keating

McCain's made a big mistake bringing up Obama's nebulous ties to the Rezko scandal. They've released this ad this week, and I think it could be their big undoing.

Because McCain's scandal-skeletons are big. And they're tied into the economy.

And the Obama campaign went on the record when the primaries ended, sometime around June or July, when the McCain camp brought up the Rezko thing and said, more or less, "He wants to bring that up? Go for it. We'll bring up the Keating Five incident. It's his call."

McCain's an arrogant fuck if he doesn't think the Keating Five thing can break this campaign wide open. A scandal about the deregulation of the S&Ls and his role in it? Hmm. Yeah, the timing on that, with only five weeks to recover, could cripple the fucker.

And since he's just given the Obama campaign the green light to bring it up... three days before a newly looser-structured debate goes to air?

I'd be somewhat surprised if Obama lobbed a hardball like that in the debate, but I'd also be pretty happy if he did. I think the gloves can, and should, come off. More importantly, the way that McCain bristled on The View as he faced their allegations of flat-out lying means that pushing him into a corner where he needs to speak the truth on the Keating Five Scandal may just leave him looking like the weasel he is.

McCain isn't fighting fair. It's as dirty a campaign as any national one we've seen. Karl Rove thinks they've overstepped the bounds, for God's sake. I think the Obama campaign would be absolutely right in the using of this issue to cripple McCain's attempt to look like a golden boy here.

One of Obama's campaign strategists spoke of the Keating Five affair and said that, as it's "relevant" to people's choice-making, they're not sure how the topic can remain unmentioned.

And given the dire happenstance in the economy, it should not remain unmentioned.

Methinks the biggest October surprise might not be that big of a surprise after all. Yay.

Jesus Christ, these next 45 days are going to be the most tortuous ever. When will it end? Right, November. Thank god.