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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hi, I'll Be Your Blogger,
the Labour Day Week Edition

Irony, and then some.

Goes to show you, never dismiss a negative as being no opportunity for positive, huh?

What a strange little world.

It's a four-day week, and it feels longer. Ha! At least the office is coming together. I feel like the hell we've had has been a nice little bonding experiment in some ways. Nothing like something to endure as a team, huh?

But it's nice to see it coming together.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a much-needed steaming-blowing-off by way of cycling to work for, what, only the third time since July 17th?

That's when I got bronchitis. Then I took three weeks to get over that, and then cycled to work twice the next week (so, second week of August). THEN I had insomnia two weeks and just didn't have the fuel in me to make it happen.

Now summer's about over, but I figure I can keep it going a little more...

I've cycled a few non-work trips, but not a hell of a lot. I just want a last final two or three-week hard push at work, see what happens, then get back to yoga and stairs.

I'll get some scooter rally pictures up in the next few days. Great stuff. If you're a scooter geek, that is.

Here's a couple. Click on the scooter pic for a MASSIVE 2000-pixels-wide image for cool resolution. :)