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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quickie Thoughts of a Year Ago

A year ago today I was a week away from returning to my old job, and hanging on by the thinnest of threads.

Jesus Christ, did I hate that job. I was so negative and toxic by the time I left there that it took me until January to stop being a complainer. It was horrible. I'm still negative more than I'd like to be, but holy shit did that job condition me into a bad place.

Some environments should come with biohazard labels: "Taking this job will be a disaster for you emotionally. Run like the wind. Don't let the door hit you. Enter with extreme caution!"

Leaving's the best thing you can do sometimes. Funny people are so scared to do it.

It's been a good year. A lot has happened. I'm enjoying this bit of reflection this morning.

I'm almost off to cycle to work. Now that I'm getting back on page fit-wise, I expect that food will soon follow. I kinda work like that.

I'm about to make more changes in my life as I continue this "Steff in Progress" year of mine -- working on social life and finishing getting all the things I "need" so that I can one day start thinking instead of things I "want". 'Cause "wants" have been a long way off.

I've had a lot of financial catching up to do, and I'm still not done. BOY, does it blow. But I'm broke all the time because I'm making the right priorities. It sucks, but that's life. Progress is constantly had, so there's that. Could be worse. :)

But soon I'll have caught up and I'll have some spending money so I can have a life again. I miss having a life. I remember what it was like. Ha. Oh well.

But it's been a good year. The next year, my 35th year, is going to fucking rock. I like this know-thyself journey toward middle age. Beats the shit out being Young and Wrong.

I have a bike that needs riding. And what a day for it.