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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I hate construction.
I hate filth.
I hate chaos.
I hate having a lack of control.
I hate feeling like I have to be reactionary towards my surroundings.
I hate disruption.
I hate being around people who ooze stress (because that's sometimes all you can do... that's why they call it "stressful").

I'm so fucking glad the floors are finished at work. And I'm so glad that I will probably never have another day like today at the company. (It's why we went with tile in the first place. "Never again," the new company motto, I suspect.)

And I'm very glad we all dealt with it like fucking champions. After, what, 10 weeks or so of being strung along by duplicitous guys who hand out excuses like a politician doles out handshakes?

And now I'm going to bed.

Yawn. Yawn, I say.


Just saw this on the way to bed and think it's fucking brilliant. What better way to win a campaign than with advertisements designed for the people by the people?

Obama's campaign just keeps getting smarter and smarter. Let's see what the Tired White Part-- err, Republicans-- make of this one:
OhBoyObama! is a new website that allows you to submit your ideas for the campaign and vote on ideas submitted by other Obama supporters. It's like Digg for campaign strategy - the best ideas get voted to the top.

Just go to , register as a new user, and start voting or submit your own idea, called a "scoop." Be sure to bookmark the site so you can check it regularly for new content. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!