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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Off To An Interview I Go

I have a couple minutes before I have to de-funk in the shower, get dressed, and head out in the pouring rain across the city of Richmond (a 25-minute ride) for a JOB INTERVIEW smack-dab in the middle of the Superbowl!

How lame. On the UPSIDE, I think it's an interview I should be able to easily ace. It'd be a fun, neat job for me, working in a children's private art academy. That'd be cute and entertaining. It'd be nice to be around enthusiastic, inspired kids all the time, especially since I want to remain childless but I like kids.

I've spent the weekend being the UBER domestic goddess. Yesterday, I made a monster batch of beef samosas, a pot of chicken stock, and some homemade bread. I got my stovetop cleaner than it's been in five or so years. (I thought I'd have to buy new chrome fittings for the elements, but was given this industrial-strength stuff that made 'em look like new!) I tackled my cupboards under my counter -- something I procrastinated about for the past four years 'cos I hate bugs and had this fear they'd be there. A few dead silverfish, but nothing freaky. Woot.

The only thing left to do is to strain my stock and clean my oven. THEN I move on. Tomorrow: Broom closet, sideboard, china cabinet, and bathroom.

I figure I'll probably get a job this week, and I want everything cleaned and organized for when that comes to fruition, then I can just focus on my job, my writing, my life, and ENJOY my home. Smart, eh?

I'm going to tell everyone I can start work on the 15th. That way I'll have a long weekend this weekend before I return to employment. Yes, I'm visualizing getting a job and all that. Should be an exciting week on a few levels. I'm looking forwards to it. I'm not as freaked out as I suspected I would be. I'm actually getting somewhat confident. All the job interviews I've had so far have been ones I've accepted because I need a job, not because I saw myself as being happy working there. The three I have this week, they all fit the happy-there category, I think, so I'm enthused that I've not only got interviews, but interviews I covet. Yay me.

On the more serious side, I took the step of calling the Food Bank of Vancouver on Friday. My money's pretty fucking tight and if I don't get a job, I MIGHT have enough to pay for rent. That's it. And I've given to the Food Bank every season of every year, and I've never called upon them. Now I may have to, but at least I know that option is there.

But I'm gonna get a job this week. So, moot point, right? ;)