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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mini-Me: Bits of My Day

Oh, my goodness. How cool would this job be? I wish I could apply. My MSN tells you I also answer to "Encyclopedia Steff", and that's a throwback to my childhood obsession with child-sleuth/brainiac, Encyclopedia Brown.

Established Firm looking for career orientated investigator. Must have experience, be willing to travel and work independently. Starting wages are no lower than $18.00 and negotiable to $30.00 based upon many factors.

Suitable surveillance vehicle is required and if the appropriate applicant doesn’t have a vehicle one may be provided.

This is a serious job and requires serious dedication and attention.

Please only people with relative industry experience.
Sadly, I don't think a passion for donuts and a fondness for shows like The Wire will get me into the realm of being able to change my moniker from "A Scribe Called Steff" to P.I. Steff, but then, the name doesn't pack that same punch, huh?


Off for bargain shopping at my market. Fetching GayBoy, then getting veggies. Must eat better this week, but this homemade bread kick is delicious.


Another interview. Next Thursday. At a marketing visionary's new enterprise. Just read about it in the business section of late, so I answered the ad within the first five minutes, got an interview two hours later, now I'm waiting 8 days.

But I'm cool.

I got prospects, yo. Sent out a few other good letters today, so let's hope.


The Swedish Meatballs have been consumed. Let us have a moment of silence. They were awesome!

I need to go buy me some shit 2-dollar ribeye steaks and make me some Swiss steak! Let's cover all the neutral countries.

Some Belgian waffles would really hit the spot, too.


Irish soda bread looms. Paired with white bean soup. Might buy a couple sausages as a treat and saute em and stick them in soup. That or ham. Ham is good. Lower fat. Tasty, too.