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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Funky From Joe, And More!

I've had too much coffee on an empty tummy, but I had to do my online typing test and Excel, Word, and Power Point tests for my temporary placement company of choice.

I'm railing against the assessment of my Excel skills 'cos it said 24 out of 30 but it wouldn't let me copy/paste the cell nor would it allow me to centre or adjust column width, and, honestly, don't you have to be a fucking moron not to know those ones? So, it's the test, man, not me.

As for Power Point, I got 85% and I've never used the program in my life, so I'm fine with that. Naturally, I had 0 typing errors and a test time of 65 wpm, so I'm pleased to see I've gone up a few words this year.

Things are coming down to the crunch. Lay-off day is Friday and that client still hasn't put their wish-list in writing for us, so my time of destruction is nigh or something. But it's all right. I've talked to one of the owners (I was a bit of a marshmallow at the time, sigh) and conveyed my skepticism of the film industry and my hesistance to rely on it anymore.

I was put into the position, more or less, of having to get my ducks in a row, and I've done that, in attempting to set up temp work, et cetera, and to turn around and go full-time permanent, when I can only really expect security for a couple months at a time in this industry, might just cause me to get blacklisted for wasting people's time at the temp agency. Considering they're a major contractor used by the Canadian government and all, I don't want to be fucking up my options there.

I dunno, I'm one of those believer-in-signs type people, and when things didn't fall into place last week with the client's massive mountain of work, I started thinking it just wasn't going to work out. I've sort of been through the ringer emotionally in the last few days as a result.

But I had that chat at the office yesterday and I know now that they'll understand if I have to change priorities, and I've left the door open to being on call with them, as well. That's about all that I can do, then, isn't it?

And the temp person has just contacted me to let me know she's spreading the good word about me to all their temping solutions people.

I would've rather had a long weekend this weekend, but if being ready to work Monday morning means I'm employed then and not a week later, well, that's the price I'll have to pay.

I'm confident because I was sitting there in their lobby for a combined total of 35 minutes or so, and, hey, sometimes you just know when you're setting the benchmark and when you're not. Me, I was definitely in a different class than some of those folk. I mean, calling them out-and-out morons might be a bit rich, but I'm sure you wouldn't have been off the mark to have a sign at the waiting are entrance that read "Danger: Frequent Low IQs at Work". I was dressed better, had two copies of my resume, all my references, and more, which it seemed most of the competition were lacking. And then, atop all that, is my bubbly, effervescent can-do personality. What's not to love?

So, yeah, the endless insert-suspense-here bullshit lifestyle of mine keeps on rolling, but then so does the deep-down-inside hope that it's all going to come together despite it all. I mean, shit, man, sooner or later, karma's got to count for something, and I'm really, really wanting to cash my karmic check these days. Is that too much to ask for? Huh? Is it? Mmf.

In the meantime, I'm asking for eggs. Over-easy, but since the maid has the day off, looks like I'm fry-girl for this mission.