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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I Have to Go, But Here's a Quickie!

My mood's much better. My phone interview was missed for the SECOND time today when the woman was compelled to take a meeting or something, but I was cool with it. Sucked, but hey, shit happens, and I want the job!

So, she called a couple hours after the original time, just a bit ago now, and we did the whole "ha, ha, isn't that funny? no, really, it's okay" nevermindthemixup chat thing, and I guess I aced the interview, given that it occured on the fly & all that, and I got invited to the second interview at the end!

I betcha guilt plays a factor, and I'll take what I can get, considering it's a company consistently ranked as one of the 10 best employers to work for in the nation. SURE. Lay it on me!

Everything is is sort of screwing me around, but hey. This is a start. And I know shit's going to work out for me. Not a penny's being spent that doesn't need to be, in the meantime. Sigh.

And now I'm getting my too-seated ass onto a bike and doing something to work this annoyance out! Woo! SUNSHINE!