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Friday, February 02, 2007

And That's a Wrap! The Week Ends.

Fuckin' Bush, man. New reports allege the White House is willfully tampering with evidence regarding the climate change. Who fucking does this? It's like the governmental equivalent to an 8-year-old shattering Mom's prized cookie jar and figuring that if he sweeps up the damage, takes it to a NEIGHBOUR's garbage can, and pretends it never happened, he'll never face the consequences.

But this goddamned American administration -- the leaders of the greatest polluters in the world -- want to alter findings so they can save face and protect the interest of, what, big oil?

Ha. I mean, what the hell else is there to say? I can't fucking believe this government. You know, I don't think Bush LIED to go to Iraq, but he sure as hell wasn't looking to dig deep anywhere. The lie thing is arguable. But this takes the cake. If it's true, it's just unbelievable. Watergate, okay, I get that. Political motives, yada, yada. The Intern Scandal, why, it'll never amaze me what men will do for blowjobs, but impeaching? Whatever. But this? Let's veto science so we don't have to inconvenience big business with silly things like emissions control, because it's okay to keep pushing the atmospheric envelope?

Ah, whatever. It's late. I don't care. Fuck 'em all.


Hockey! Was good. Saw the arch-nemesis Van Giants v. the Kelowna Rockets. We won. 4-3, overtime. Gorgeous popped shot for the winning goal. Big yelling thing ensued with wild fans.

Sadly, no sexy men to behold. I was crushed. Shattered. Smooshed, if you will.

But I got a free beer out of it. Woo-hoo! And some good laughs.


My daily hits on my other blog are up almost 400 per day from the start of the month, and I have 140ish subscribers to my feed, about 100 or so more than a month ago. That's a lot of peoples jonesing for a fix of me! Coolies. If you don't understand "subscribing to feeds", it means people are notified whenever I have a new thingie, and they can go and read it, but their reading is not tracked by my hits counter. The hits counter reflects people who physically visit my page. Their traffic converts to potential visits to my advertisers, and advertisers expect at least 4 or 5 clicks on their ads for every 1,000 page hits. My advertisers are getting consistently about 10 clicks per thousand. Pretty decent.

But then, for every subscriber who gets an RSS feed, there's someone else who subscribes in other organizations, like Bloglines, where 39 people are subscribing to me. Right there is potentially 200+ daily readers, let alone the ones who check in manually. Kinda cool!

So, yeah, from about 1100 hits a day at the start of the month to 1500 hits a day average this week. That's about where I was last February when things took off very quickly for a short bit there. Thing is, I'm getting some of that mojo back, writing-wise, and I think I'm about to have a good phase with it.

Couldn't be a better month to get my first paycheck from my ads -- should be about $120 Canadian. That's something, at least!

It can only go up from here. Well, it could start to suck, but I don't think so. I think I'm going to have fun blogging over the next bit. The unemployment gives me more chance to write, too, and the spring makes me more creative.


I finally took my broken camera in for repair. I'm believing they're not going to repair it, as "99% of the E18 ERROR messages are a result of owner dropping camera". Fuckers. But I'm sweet and nice and all, and BELIEVABLE. So, I said the only time I'd ever dropped it was in the first four days when a rude lady pushed me off a curb at the Chinese New Years' parade.

I mean, hey. It worked for a LONG time after being dropped.

But I'm still kinda pessimistic. Took me forever to take it in for repairs. I just kept forgetting!

I really, really, really hope they'll fix it. I'll call next week and see what the verdict is. And they'll tell me they won't know for a while or something dumb like that. :P


I need to exercise. I'm a very lethargic unemployed person. Oy vey. I did have a couple bike rides, but nothing too intense. This week, more! MORE MORE MORE.


It's weird. I get these very epic reader emails once in a blue (or as it happens, full) moon. You can tell they've composed it in Word because there's three blank lines where there ought to only be one between paragraphs. One of the weird Word-to-HTML conundrums you have to watch for in blogging and such. Gmail doesn't catch it yet.

Got one tonight. Weird. The crap people tell me. I don't get it. This whole thing about some whatever hundred daily, whatever thousand weekly readers who actually give a shit about what I have to say just periodically freak me out. And it's when I get letters like THESE that it happens.

You know the old adage, "Careful what you wish for; you just might get it"? Yeah. Well. Sometimes I sort of recheck just what it is I think I'm asking for.

I just had a strange and terrifying thought: Fill a large room with all my regular readers. How weird would it be? Would they be oddballs? Relatively normal? HIP, even? Would they look like they belong together, or would it be like a Village People high school reunion?

Yeah, it's a good thing I never did acid. I might just be able to imagine that if I had.

Weirdweirdweird. I'm just lil' ol' me. Kid that read in one too many lunchbreaks, getting too much joy out of well-spun words. But, you know what, I could've waited to read that email till daylight. I mean, really. But no one sends those ones by day. Grr. Strange conundrum. I'll need coffee before I reface that!