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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well, that's nice to know

I have a phone interview Monday afternoon with a prospective employer. A friend of a friend tells me they get some 900 resumes a month, if not more. So, that's nice to get picked out of a decent field. Now we'll see if I do my homework well enough between now and then.

The fog is back. It's not even 5:30 and it's rolled in as thick as can be. There's barely visibility to across the alleyway. GayBoy had wanted to take me to a hockey game across town. Thank god we've decided to stay in for Swedish Meatballs and, gag, the Sound of Music. (*I* didn't do the movie pairing, OKAY?)

In more positive news: There will be Tater Tots.

The only other news is that I nearly became one BITTER girl when I locked my keys (that were inside my heavy outer coat that I took off in order to store) in my scooter seat today. Fortunately, the total blow-off of an interview I went in for was across the street from GayBoy's work. Some nice customer and he managed to break into the seat and get my keys out. How happy was I!

Anyhow, I have a FOG headache, so I'm going to go have a shower and some water before the effervescent GayBoy shows up with cheap wine for our lame-ass musical. I always think of my mother when I watch it, too. She'd always sing those songs and was once a nun in a production of it. Ha. So, I'm entering into a nostalgic time warp with wine and comfort food. Probably just what the doctor ordered.