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Sunday, August 24, 2008

sailor's warning.

i awoke shortly before six to find the sky afire in reds.

"red at night, sailor's delight, red in the morning, sailor's warning."

it's 7.17 and the rain's tumbling down now. a hard, pelting rain. it's gonna be a long fall.

the sunrise was incredible, though a fleeting tease of what we're not to have. but that's all right. i've gutted my schedule today and will stay home instead of a coffee date and brunch. i just want to sleep and chill. i watched some of the closing ceremonies from beijing. i wish i'd caught more of the olympics, but i always tuned in when it was stupid shit like archery or whatever. [click]

i've already had 19 hours sleep since friday. i'm going to aim for three or four more now. have a bath, go back to bed, get up at noon. rough life. i know.

but that's what happens when you cancel on people. :)

speaking of mornings, came upon a sunrise shot i took on galiano a year ago this week. think i wanna blow this up for my living room this fall.