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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Overlooked Images from the Recent and Distant Past

Here's a series of photos I don't think I've ever published from around town, that I've come across while deleting a few hundred crap pictures bogging down my smalllll drive.

As always, clicking on 'em will take to you a 600x800 pixel image.

This is the Kitsilano swimming pool about 180 degrees off what it looks like in the summer. This is Vancouver's rainy season. But I think it's beautiful, particularly that crop of trees on the jetty.

This is the underside of the pier in Brighton Park.

I'm not sure if the Woodward's sign still stands, but if it does, it'll never be in the sparse bit of town again now that highrises are dominating the landscape there. I used to love seeing the big neon W in the sky as a kid. I think it was last lit in the early '90s.

I'm shocked at how quickly the landscape around my area is changing. Bits of obscure history are literally falling into the river, and slowly but surely the river, too, will be completely developed... and I estimate that, in the next 5-10 years, you'll never see derelict, abandoned bridges in the Vancouver stretch of the Fraser River again. It's the only place left for the yuppies to condo-ize. I can't believe I never photographed Celtic Shipyards and now it's gone forever. This city is changing so fast, the little history we have is falling away. I'm going to make an effort of photographing more of the old parts... before they're all gone.

The same bridge. Somewhere along the Fraser in South Vancouver, from a bike ride way long ago.

One of my favourite bike routes, in early spring: The Heather. Mountains surround the city, and as long as you're north of 39th avenue, this is your view for 200 degrees. Mountains, mountains, variations thereof, and a smattering of ocean, and look, river, and mountains. Lovely.

Oh, look, mountains. And, hey, ocean. And, shazam, a fancy bridge. See, I'll never get why people love perfect sunny days for picture taking. Only the uninformed, I guess. Clouds, that's what you want. Big fucking angry clouds -- and sunshine behind you. Perfect. It's a great, sleek bridge. Love it.

Canada's best nude beach, Wreck Beach. You must try the cookies. (A woman sells pot cookies in the summer. She's been charged and taken to court. The judge was dumbfounded. "The cookie girl?")

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