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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary Gives it Up

THAT is the Hillary Clinton I originally wanted to see run for President of the USA. She was classy, real, articulate, and everything she should have been throughout her campaign.

I don't know where she became the person that I started to loathe, but I found her so disingenuous, and it pissed me off, too, because I used to like her.

I've always had issues with her, like her voting for the Iraq war, but I've always liked her potential.

Part of me would still love to see an Obama-Clinton thing going on, but I don't know if that would be a good thing. I don't think Obama would go for it. I think he will make her a big player in his administration, but I doubt he would have her as VP, just because Bill is too loose a cannon these days.

However, if Bill became a fan of Obama, became loyal and a fighting fan of his, he could be invaluable too have close to him throughout is campaign, particularly if foreign policy is a passion of his and he wants one of the nation's best ambassadors at his beck and call.

I still think the VP ticket's more unlikely than it is possible. Besides, the latter scenario, Bill the lapdog and policy advisor, is manageable regardless of Hillary's positioning in Obama's future.

But I think her concession speech was fantastic. I think her holding off for a few days is all right, but the press needs to make a big deal about it because if it's not a big deal why do they have jobs, right? But she held off, speculation got batted about, an effort to pressure Obama into sticking her on the ticket was quashed right away by HC. And a lovely, mysterious "Have some water?" meeting went down at Feinstein's. All in all, not a bad week. Great press, and like they say, all press is good press, 'cos it means they remember your name.

I was wondering if Hillary would employ some of Obama's catch-phrases in her campaign concession/endorsement or not. That she did made me grin. Good for her. Way to show some loyalty. Way to take one for the party, kiddo.

Either way, Hillary's going to have a huge role with Obama. I think that goes without question. I think people who believe she can only achieve real impact in his administration by way of the VP show an obscene lack of imagination.

I'm not concerned, and I'm glad to know she's very much the teamplayer after all. There was a report with an unnamed source, a couple weeks ago, declaring that, in Bill and Hill's eyes, it was "Hillary first, DNC second." I began to worry she would not exhibit grace at a loss, and feared the outcome of the election as a result.

I think I overspoke my comments re: Hillary inadvertently referencing RFK's assassination in regards to Obama's campaign. I never thought she deliberately mentioned assassination in reference to Obama. I just thought it was incredibly stupid, politically, to mention assassination when there's a very underspoken fear that, all it takes is just ONE person with a gun in a nation of hundreds of millions,
to end his ambitious black-guy run.

It was stupid and asinine and very amateur, politically, for her to have spoken it the way she did. But that happens. I really don't think she'd ever have intentionally put it as such. It was one of those slips, and on one of the worst topics. The political convergence of a perfect storm.

And I think, in retrospect, she probably feels a little ashamed for her conduct in the primaries, when she kept being petty about the "Bittergate" comments of Obama's, her banging of the Weatherman drum, that kind of shit, when he so gracefully said, in a live debate, that she probably "misspoke" about Bosnia's sniper-fire incident.

At the end of this campaign, Hillary's got to be beating herself up for becoming a little too malicious and catty on the campaign trail. She's going to wonder how she and her husband became so venomous and desperate, and she's going to have regrets, because she's a better person than the duplicitous politician she became along the way.

But I suspect she'll feel that, if she had to lose to someone, this Obama kid's not a bad guy to lose to. Good, teamwork is good! I'm looking forward to her role in his campaign. This'll be fun to watch!