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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smugness and Ughness

Yesterday was a be-a-loser do-nothing day that I quite loved. I was exhausted and kept to myself. I was too lazy to even choose a movie to watch. I feel like I wasted a bunch of my holiday, but I think I needed to.

Today was an indulgent meal at Memphis Blues BBQ House, but I've apparently gotten too healthy for such indulgence. My belly is mounting a rebellion, but I'll spare you the details save to say I'm not wandering too far from my Porcelain Friend for the next few hours.

I'll be eating fresh, healthy food for the rest of the day. Good to know I'm getting healthier, sad to know I can't go pig out from time to time judiciously, but there you go. Life's tough when you can't have your cake and eat it too.

We 40-pound weight-losers do have down-sides, it would seem. But, boy, am I looking cuter.

I just about cried with glee yesterday when I tried on a shirt I bought in January as my "WOW, have you accomplished a lot!" two/three-size smaller "goal shirt" -- and it FIT. FUCKING A! And it's going to be adorable. I'm about 10 pounds from it fitting perfectly, but it's already a wearable fit, for sure.

Excellent. Good for me. I'll be doing some laundry this week, and throwing out even more clothing... so. Wow. Fantastic.

Mental note to avoid pulled pork for a while though, geez. :P