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Friday, June 06, 2008

Political Musings

Is it just me or is John McCain looking more and more uncomfortable on the trail? His jokes fall flat, his timing blows, his smile looks fake (and very yellow). I'm pretty happy to see his skin visibly looking to crawl.

The polls say it's 47-45% for Obama nation-wide, but I'm holding out hope this will be a sizable lead
for Obama before long. He'll get his momentum back that he had in February. Clinton may have fought hard, but she trained our young Jedi well and now the fight in him is strong.

I think Clinton will surprise people, and she'll check her head, get her emotions straightened out, and I think she'll be a powerhouse of support for Obama as the election comes. I suspect he'll get someone else as a running mate, but that she'll be given a big post under Obama. He'd be a fool not use her.

But this is like Nixon versus Kennedy in the first year that television really had a campaign impact. Kennedy was photogenic, Nixon was stiff and awkward. Now, who does that couple remind you of? Yeah, McCain's gonna look like obselete robot man with icky yellow teeth and an uncomfortable smile, with bad timing for jokes and no ability to get a good speaking cadence going. Obama's Mr. Charismatic, with natural charm and ease, and he's as comfortable as the day is long in front of the television, has a sexy-as-hell smile and laugh, and knows how to joke around.

I mean, he said he'd "whup" congress, and the joke flew. Try that one, McCain.

What, five more months of campaigning? God help me. This'll be worse than the five weeks counting down till summer vacation begins as a schoolkid. Wow. I had this moment of clarity last night, imagining how November 5th would feel if Obama won. Wow. What a day that would be. I had this little vision of going to my doctor and saying "Hey, it's okay for me to go off my anti-depressants! Bush admin is dead, long live Obama!

As opposed to the hellish hangover-like feeling that begin the morning after Gore lost by a hair, and continued for most of the next decade. Having a systematic lack of hope is no way for any people to be living, is it?

Speaking of hope, it's Friday! Yay! We loves the weekend! And this one's for catching up on sleep, and getting my body fixed by the chiropractor. And then I'm going back into kamikaze fitness mode, but with a little more restraint and pragmatism re: injuries and such. Whew. :)