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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Obama Afterglow

The whole "Clinton/Obama" dream ticket's never gonna happen, even if I was one of the people going "Wow, that'd be swell!" back in January.

Never. Gonna. Happen.

Obama's talking about the Bold New Future, and there's no room for controversy-laden baggage-carrying VPs when he can choose from a whole broad spectrum of promising politicians that could bring a totally different element to the White House, plus, a whole lot less of the limelight-seeking husband with a flashpoint temper and a penchant for speaking his mind a little too freely with nil regard for the consequences.

Billy-boy's always been a bit of a smack-talker, but he's really let run with some of his comments of late, like the alleged race-baiting of his and all that. He isn't cut out to be in the Mr. VP role. Mr. President, sure, but as Mr. VP? His ego's far too big to be shunted off to the side.

I have no idea who Obama will pick. My knowledge of Yankee politicking ain't that strong. I know the big issues and big players but the rest of it sort of slips past me. Someone like Joe Biden would work for me, though. Heh, perfect world? Ralph Nader.

Still, what a terrific night. Obama versus McCain. I mean, you couldn't get more black or white, could you, with those two guys? Mr. Skin-Cancer-Prone pasty-white man and a guy named Obama. Awesome. What a great election year. Like bedtime stories nightly for the politically addicted.

THIS feeling is about 180 from the day George Bush Jr. got reelected. Wow. I remember my coworker saying the reelection (the morning after) was akin to "the downfall of civilization".

Not tonight, man. Wow. America came this far this fast? Nicely done. Really nicely done.

And the further we get into this campaign, the more I get nervous when I hear McCain speaking of the Iraq war. He's a little too intent on policing and I suspect for too long, and he's too non-committal to the idea of getting out sooner than later. Plus, he keeps confusing factions and stuff, which is disconcerting on a few levels when one considers the complex "quagmire" Iraq has become.

Used to like McCain. Don't trust him as much right now, is all.

The thought of Obama getting in, though... that's a nice bedtime story for a politically disillusioned Steff, indeed. Now all's we need's a victory.

(PS: I got $20 says Obama will use H. Clinton in a posting that involves getting universal healthcare into play. That'd be a no-brainer.)