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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Picking on Michelle Obama?

I'm too wiped out to cook but need a bite to eat shortly, and will.

I just wanted to take a moment to write about the "Is Michelle Obama fair game?" query being posed by some in the media.

Methinks: Yeah, sure she is. What, as first lady she's going to just hang out in the den for four years? No, she's getting elected as much as her husband is, so I think she can get some judgement sent her way, too.


What a fucking STUPID battle for the Republicans to pick. If there's any chick who can throw down and win an argument, methinks she's the one. What's that saying, behind every strong man there's an ass-kicking woman? Something like that?

Yeah, that woman has a boot collection, I'm betting. She's as smart and as articulate as her husband, but she's also more willing to speak her mind, too. I love her style. She's awesome. She's not going to be anyone's demure little woman who'll smile and politely try to talk her way out of the situation, she'll throw down, man.

She's to Obama what Bill is to Hillary, I'd say. A bit unpredictable, a great talker, likable, smooth, but also a loose cannon. And where Bill's loose cannon gets him in trouble, I secretly suspect that Michelle's loose cannon will have women clapping and nodding their head, and men chuckling. Sure, some people will disagree, but most will probably approve of her retorts.

But, hey, I want the Democrats to lose, so I actually hope the Republicans DO attack her, because it's totally going to backfire. Michelle Obama's the new generation of smart, thinking wife, and she's going to play very, very well as people get to know her better and see her scrappy side.

However... I haven't seen as much of her in action, so I might be blowing smoke out of my ass. This is my haphazard assessment of things. On an empty tummy. :)

Also... it's pretty damned clear how much Barack Obama still digs his wife after all these years. I would think that the only way he'll really get angered and combative on the trail is if they're taking on his wife. And I think an angry, decisive, firm Obama will actually win voters over, too. He's so quintessentially calm that it might appeal to voters to know that his emotions span as far as theirs.

Ah, we'll see. :)