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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bitching and Cooking, The Order of Things

Oh, my GOD it is cold in my apartment this morning. It's like motherfucking February! AGAIN with the cold spells!

The rest of the continent is roasting, we're shivering and going to bed fully clad in polar fleece. WHAT?

I called building management to demand the heat turned back on, which has been shut off since May long weekend. Apparently they'll do it today. Oh, please, please, please. My tender chilly fingies and toes want warmth.

It's demoralizing enough that the weather's this bad, take the heat problem into the scenario and things get miserable fast!

And I have next week off, but in between my requesting it yesterday morning and today, the weather forecast has been completely changed and the warm/hot weather that was to come next week has been postponed. Duped by the weather gods! Or are they wrong? We'll find out in mere days.

I don't mind if it's cooler for part of my time off -- I'd get more done in my life, and I can go hiking and stuff, too. But I want some heat, I want ONE fucking sunburn. That's not really too much to ask?

And I don't want one of those stupid "I'm trying to get burned" no-sunscreen-for-six-hours-exposure sunburns, I want one of those "But I was wearing sunscreen!" sunburns of a merciless good day out.

I'll probably be waiting till August. Right now, it's so cold my nose is running.

Again, goddamn it, Mother Nature, you're just pissing us off now! Giving us token fuckin' flowers but we can't plant any fuckin' basil? 'Sup widdat?

Bah! Tonight I'm highjacking Jamie Oliver's rustic Italian beans recipe to use chickpeas instead. You boil 'em with some herbs, some celery, potato, garlic, and tomato. Then you throw everything else out but the spud, tomato, and garlic, each of which you squoosh out of their skins, mash up together, throw in with the beans to mix with olive oil, and you get this creamy oily dressing on the beans. Then I'm following a recipe I saw on the web, with just lemon juice, olive oil, and parmesan on the beans, which then becomes the cheapest, easiest lunch ever. I'll be freezing a bunch for the coming weeks, too.

Should be about $4.00 for about eight lunches. Wahahahahahaha! Awesome. Throw an apple and banana in that, and it's a healthy good day.