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Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is a Good Week

I really should brag more often about how nice it is that I get to wander into work after living my morning my way. Love it.

Hung out eating eggs and toasted baguette with nice fresh Salt Spring French press coffee for, like, way too long. Eventually, I ambled into work shy of noon... via another nice long bike ride on a blah-grey day. Four minutes quicker than Tuesday, an even 40 minutes now, exactly the same as my ride home tonight wound up being. Good numbers, considering the earliness in the season.

Finally totally broke my seat. Ha! It's been semi-busted from lifting it on and off bike racks on buses back in my wimp-ass days. Whoops. Semi-busted... (but still felt the same to ride-- just knew it'd one day give and I was prepared to hike it mid-ride to a bus, and kept an emergency bus fare in my bike bag) ...since last August, actually, but tonight it finally gave and I had this odd jabby thing going on the last two k's. Incentive to stand and pedal about half the way. Ow. And ow for standing and pedalling so far. Yow.

Last night, worked out 90 minutes at the gym with a special focus on rowing, eliptical, and weights. Hoo-ah! I am feeling crazy fucking toning going on, this is sweet. Some kinda new bubble butt's happening, too. This week's going to pay off nicely, and with the reward I'll have incentive to continue kicking ass and taking names next week, too. Just go week by fuckin' week right now and see how it shakes down.

I'm really starting to dig how this feels, but I can't wait to give myself Saturday and Sunday off to heal. I'm hurting something bad now, and I'm forcing myself to do the stairs in the morning, regardless of how pissy I wanna be.

But I'm buying a McGriddle. Yeah, goin' for irony. Mm, mapley McGriddley goodness. 410 calories, I can accomodate it. I don't even wanna think about the fat content. Nuh-uh. 'Sides, gonna do 30 minutes with the free weights and some weight resistant exercises at home while watching some telly, after the McGriddle & coffee sin. Might even get crazy and buy a small carton of cream! Ooh. My one indulgence for the weekend. Tee hee.

And I ain't doing a fucking thing besides some cleaning this weekend, and, oh, buying a bike seat. No fucking way. Gonna get me some Indian food at the street fair Saturday afternoon. I see naan in my future. Gonna behave mostly, but Saturday night's my cheat night this weekend. Been sticking to 1600-2000 calories all week, my bmi calorie-intake level is 1750 per day, so I've been pretty close to that, but I'm churning out a solid burn of 1200 calories (conservatively there) pretty much every day this week. When you break it all down to numbers, it gets pretty easy to figure this shit out. But then you gotta put out the energy to make it happen.

I've never had the ability to do hard workout day in day out. Maybe I've just never tried. Now I'm stubbornly saying to myself I AM that girl, and not really taking no for an answer. Now I'm all paranoid I won't keep it up, but that's part of why I'm pushing myself so hard this week:

So I can't say "I can't do it". Now I can tell myself I can do it-- when I'm feeling ill, when I'm feeling tired, when I'm eating minimal calories, when I'm fatigued from yesterday's workout, when the weather's iffy, when it's cold. Now I know I can not only perform when I'm not 100%, but I can fake it real, real good and yield pretty decent results. I wasn't into it once this week, except maybe this morning. Every time, felt crappy, had a dozen reasons not to, but held out, which is just not what I've ever done.

Now that I know that I can overcome bad mindsets and feeling poorly and perform well despite it, then... There's the pride issue. I can't wimp out now, I mean, come on! I have a new image to uphold.

But now I have a body to nurse. I'm gettin' real fuckin' sore now, man. Heh. Nothing I can't handle. Just life. A hot bath is about to help. It's nice to know I really can be THAT girl, though. Just kickin' ass and taking names. Relaxing this weekend will be awesome.

OOH! OOH! I forgot. Finally thought of a design for the tattoo I want as my "goal" reward for the new body I want. I've always told myself that if I get to X amount, which means another 30 pounds to lose, actually, but I want to lose another 50 by my birthday, right around Canadian Thanksgiving there. I do, I'm getting a really funky tattoo of "believe" done in art I need to kind of work out. A calf thing, it'll be hot. And, I know this sounds weird, but Book of Kells meets Betty Boop. You're just gonna have to see the finished deal. Always wanted something Celtic, and the Book of Kells is just an incredible piece of art... the original graphic design department, man, 13th century, I think... the lettering blows my mind, but I want it updated, so I'll keep the funky Celtic feel as a throwback to my fighting Irish roots, and kick it up Steff style. :) And big, so it'll be expensive and maybe in stages. And COOL AS FUCK, man.