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Friday, April 04, 2008


Found a note on the floor five minutes ago. Written on the back of a receipt. I do that sometimes. Scraps. I have scraps everywhere. Notebooks are good, but scraps are usually pretty bang on, concise little notes, like this one dated Nov. 10, 2002:

"I love having long hair when it's windy. It always makes me feel like an active participant."

Do you realize I have 1 foot of bookshelf space dedicated to writing books, plus a box of scraps, plus another drawer of writing books? One day I'll have to go through them all. Geez. Well, knowing where all of them are -- literally all of them -- is a huge step. Who's to say a big ass bottle of wine and a weekend in might not be a profound step in putting my past closer to beddy-bye sometime as part of my year of change? What the fuck, right? Doing everything else.

'Sides... I wonder what the hell's in there.

Ah, sigh.

Anyhow. Fucking BAGGED this evening. Should hit bed soon... just had this "Wow, let's clean!" spurt there. Whew. Must pace self. Snicker.

Heh. Anyhow! Averted a wee potential disaster on a client's file today, despite being completely fucking brain dead since a bad night's sleep on Monday (fell asleep at FOUR, thanks) following a less bad night of sleep Sunday. Throwing my first Big Bike Ride Day of the year in the mix was a ballsy move but did not invigorate me and instead kicked my ass after I kicked it. But it felt good to be able to solve a problem today. Always nice to contribute.

Yawn. Oh, and apparently it's El Nina or whatever that's giving us this stupid-ass cold weather. And there's much more to come. Glad I broke out the bike for the first big ride when it's still cold. Now I have NO excuses!

May take a spin tomorrow to loosen up a little. Should be nice in the afternoon. Might go buy me the new bike seat I need! THEN I'll have NO excuse. Ha.