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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Girl Got it DONE

After all that whining, I kicked ass today. About 8 or 10 blocks into my ride I thought, "Y'know... it's not too late to throw this chunky bitch on a bus and just ride part way to work..." But I huffed and I puffed and I got it done.

Then, this afternoon, I felt like crap -- a sandwich just went AWOL on me or something -- and was determined to bus, but then thought it'd be too much work to go get my cheque deposited so my broke ass could withdraw cash, then get change... so, ironically, I just busted my ass the 11 klicks home. Weird. What's wrong with me?

But going to work? About six minutes faster than two weeks ago, and the way home? Fucking A... 10 minutes faster, and only 4 off my best time ever. Gonna be a good summer. And I gotta love my new twist on being lazy-- not getting change and just biking the fuck home. That's the mindset I've always wanted so I'm just sorta slightly pleased and amazed I've managed to finally happen upon it.

Now to go and die in front of the television. Ooh.