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Monday, April 14, 2008

The When-Is-It-Done Baking Post: Spring Rolls

I'm baking some homemade spring rolls. I can't wait until they're done. About 30 minutes. Mmf.


I've only made them once but they were all right. This time I'm doubling up on the wrappers. Crispy is good!

Then the dilemma becomes: peanut sauce or chili sauce for dipping?

Hmm. Anyhow. Yes, making about 15 - 20. They're bigger than I had intended. This size, probably about 235 calories or something, baked. They've got chicken in them, so that's a good chunk of the calories. I somehow underestimated the ground chicken I had in the freezer, so, thinking quick-like, I dug out a couple of my beloved chicken-apple sausages, which helped out the bulk a bit.

Lots of ginger, but maybe even more would've been tasty.

Hmm. 23 minutes. Sometime this week: Spring roll, coconut-steamed salmon, and a mango salad. That'll be quite the nouveau foodie night for me. Time for a twist, eh? 21 minutes. Ha.