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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bitter? Who's Bitter?

I can't believe this bullshit about Obama having to apologize for claiming people are bitter or angered right now. I guess it's the "clinging" to faith and guns that bothers people. But, who gives a fuck? The essence is, people are angry, and instead of believing anyone's going to fix the economy, they focus instead on what are basically push-button issues, whether it's shit like Roe v Wade or gay marriages, instead of trying to reinvent the economy, which seems like such a daunting task it's not worth taking it on at all, sometimes. (Not that those other issues aren't important, but electing people on only those issues while ignoring the big things like economy is a bit of a non-starter, methinks. With no economy, what else can you really offer your electorate?)

It just REALLY pisses me off that someone can't suggest people are angry, bitter, frustrated, without it being slagged as elitist or unpatriotic. What the fuck? God, for a country that loves freedom of speech, an awful lot of people seem to spend a whole lot of time ensuring people aren't so free with their comments, if this is the kind of backlash one receives for speaking frankly.

I guess we should go back to politicians lying, or telling tall tales about dangerous airplane landings in former Eastern Bloc countries... I mean, come on. Bullshit.

Oh, god, now Clinton's on telly, blathering about Obama being "out of touch" and I'm sending out a psychic bitch-slap as she yammers the fuck on. Ridiculous. Christ. What, is this some sort of la-la-land she lives in, filled with bubbles and roses, where everyone wanders around blissfully ignorant of reality with smiles painted on their faces?

"Oh, yes, I'm proud to face hardships (caused in large part by mismanagement of my government) and I'll wear a shit-eating grin and take it (and like it, goddamn it) because I'm a shiny citizen of this fair land! I don't mind at all that I only eek by in a fast-moving world that constantly seems to leave me, all my friends, all my neighbours, and all my family out in the cold, while the rich get richer and the sick still don't get coverage. And I'm PROUD. And not bitter. And I know I'll just bounce right back from my bad loans and expensive health care and ever-present inflation. Not bitter at all! See? Smiling!"

Yeah, fuck you, Hillary and John. Get in touch with this, you fucking arrogant, ignorant twats. What fucking "people" are you governing, anyhow? Teletubbies, or something? Next thing you know the Clinton camp will announce they've a new campaign anthem, Julie Andrews' "My Favourite Things".

"Cream-coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels,
door bells and sleigh bells, and schnitzel with noodles...

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad"

If I hear Hillary smack-talk NAFTA one more time, something she whored for Bill when he was stumping it and bringing it into law, I'll puke. I swear to god. I'm wishing I had barf bags by the remote control these days. Wow.

Oh, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, we need someone out there debunking all this bullshit and waving his sentiment like it's a 90-foot flag, man. The perfect campaign for Hunter Thompson and the fucker called it curtains. Damn, man. He'd be all over this "angry/bitter" comment today like you wouldn't believe. He'd be making mince of Clinton, saying unspeakable, ungodly, dirty, dirty things about her in that lecherous, misogynistic way of his (but it works on him). Man. Sigh.

I suspect there will be few campaigns in my future that really could have used Thompson's commentary like this one, man. Just two more years, that's all it would've taken. Sigh. Blah! I feel cheated. Grr.

Now John McCain's annoying me. Anyhow. I shall jet. Fucking politicians, man. Not bitter. Fuck you. I'm Canadian and I'm bitter, so I can't imagine how much most underpaid Americans want to ass-kick something/someone. I'm bettin' oodles.