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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Work with me, Mother Nature, you fickle bitch

The joke's on us, kids.

I remember an April Fool's in , '98, '99 or 2000, can't remember which year, when it was about 17 degrees and I was in my cut-off jeans at Lynn Valley park, getting a sunburn with an early season hike!

Today, FROST and a high of 7! UNbelievable! I am NOT happy about this! And don't give me "But they have snow in Ontario!"

So fucking what? They live in ONTARIO, where they get WINTER. This is BC, the infamous Wet Coast, land of three seasons. I want my motherfucking spring and I WANT IT NOW. NOW, bitch, now!

Fortunately there's a three-degree warm-up slated for tomorrow, which I'll believe when I see it, since it includes the prestigious DOUBLE-DIGIT temperature I've been drooling for... but only the bare minimum, since it'll be a lofty 10 degrees.

Whatever. I'm going to take the bike to work tomorrow -- wahoo, real live cycling! -- but today I'm celebrating sloth after not really falling asleep until 3am. Bah!

Mmf. But I'm not as grumpy as it appears. I'm just venting. :)