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Monday, April 07, 2008

Forecast? Fuck You and Your "Forecast", Weather Network

Fucking amateurs. Get a window!

It's pouring! It's not supposed to be. Just a sprinkling, they suggested, "trace" amounts. But, no, it's pouring. The veritable river down my alley is debunker #1, man.

So I'm biding my time, hoping it slows a bit, as I drink my coffee with my big-ass bowl of granola. I may bus yet. I may ride. I'm not sure. Fucking rain.

Should be the story of the week, the rain. I need a new raincoat for riding. Sigh. I may have to swallow it and buy the bitch this week after all, if this weather's going to continue. Light rain, MY ASS. Does anyone at the motherfucking Weather Network have a WINDOW? Fuck, man!

I swear to god, the last vehicle that went down my godddamned alley was an ARK. An elephant waved to me. No, really.

Oh, don't mind me. I'm just getting tired of the incompetent meteorologists in our part of the world. A fucking forecast that holds true might do a lot to avert some of this growing cynicism of mine, BUT I WOULDN'T WANT TO IMPOSITION ANYONE.


Oh, hey, look. It's still pouring. I'm guessing I'm bussing today then. Hmm. Not like I want to, just the lesser of evils. Hanging with the weird transit crowd is fun some days, and a license to become a recluse on others. Anyhow. I should get my day on the go. Horror of horrors.