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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WAHOO! I'm down 24 pounds since October, 10 pounds since the start of February or so, and I'm 5 pounds from my lowest weight since about 1994.

Let's recap: I'd lost 18 before Christmas, and put 8 back on over Christmas, took much of January to get on board with things and lost another four before starting exercise and occasionally eating well in February... I've not really been trying, just been conscious of eating around 2,000 calories a day, sometimes less. April's when I plan to get really serious about it, but plan to stay conscious of total calories in a loosey-goosey way until then. A computer thingie told me my ideal caloric intake is 1,750 a day. When I *have* stuck to that, I've easily lost a pound or two that week.

Now THAT's a great way to start my day... given I'm tired and my belly feels icky after, yes, too much beer, pizza, and coffee in the last four days. But I'm still down! HA. Take THAT, scale. At least when I have a beer now I'm consciously saying "So, that's 150 calories", even though I think they're around 120 or so.

Still, my body's dying for something healthy so today's a salad lunch for a change. That'll be a good thing.