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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ha ha! Wednesday is the New Friday, Baybee!

Ooh! Ooh! My hearing aid is back from repairs. AND it's sunny out. AND I appear to be winning the war of sickness! I SHALL NOT BE THWARTED from my ambitious plans of world domination, you lowly cold, you!

[insert maniacal evil overlord laughter here]

Ah. Well. Good, good! I just wanted to brag that I'm already on my Friday. Tomorrow, the rereckoning of the crack den squalor as I prep my bedroom for the painting (round 2) to come this weekend.

And, for those of you playing along with the Game of Steff from your lowly hovels, I'm going on the record as saying the Theme for April... or shall I say themes? ...are to get a life (yay, a life! I've wanted one for so long! snicker) and to get my blog (the other one mainly, but maybe this too) completely souped up with all the web gadgets to have come out in the two years since I've launched and gotten apathetic. I shall overhaul it all. Maybe even a cool new banner.

Until then, though: I am painter Steff in the midst of this month's theme -- giving myself a home I can love again, and the order and pride that comes with.

Oh, and I'm buying Karate Kid on DVD today I think. Wax on, wax off. Can't help it. Painting has me wanting a Mr. Miyagi in my life. I'm really lacking the presence of some sage guru who can catch flies with chopsticks as he imparts Confucian wisdom to my ignorant white gwilo* ass. Wax on, wax off. Next thing you know, I'll be doing crane kicks off pilings in the river.


*Yes, I know Miyagi's Japanese and gwilo aka guilo is Chinese. Tell me something I don't fuckin' know. Last thing I need's some proletariat trying to up their ranking in life, doing the dumb-ass "wow, I'm a smartie on the web and I'm going to correct everyone's mistakes" bullshit, thanks. And thanks for flying Air Steff! Enjoy your stay.

PS: FUCK sick. Pfft. I ain't no sickie!