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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cough, Cough...

Either I'm on the verge of getting sick, or the mild allergies I've had for years have finally become full-fledged hayfever-type allergies after all.

Blah. BLAH. B-l-a-h !

So I'm taking it easy today. Cleaning up a bit. Embracing the cult of the pajama-wearing slacker. I'll prep my bathroom for painting in the hopes that I feel all right tomorrow. It's, what, a 3 or 4 hour job? Maybe more. Definitely not more than 6. I think it needs two coats. Kinda a hybrid of seafoam green and Mediterranean blue. My tub's seafoam/mint green, and the rest of the tiles and plumbing fixtures are white. I'll take the corner shelf built by Papa and I'll paint it brilliant white, along with a couple little shelves. So exciting. White popping off a sea-like blue-green... Sweet. It'll look wonderful with candlelight, I bet.

I'm having wistful daydreams of doing facials and long baths in there. I'm planning to spend $40 or 50 on new candle holders, a couple stainless steel accessories, 6 little frames, and the whole thing will look completely different. Yay. Should look very classic and retro. I'm hoping for more of a spa feel, but nice and dark. :)

I could go stay a night in Victoria, or I could spend $100 and a day's labour and give myself a spa retreat I can use night after night after night.

Yep. I'll prep for painting. Odds are, these are allergies. I highly doubt I could have climbed 22 floors of stairs yesterday morning if I was coming down with something. Asthma would've kicked my ass by 15, I imagine, and I had my second wind for the last 7, so.

22 floors! (And six blocks.) In 24 minutes! I'm not sick! I can't be sick! FUCK sick. I'm fine.

Right? Right. More coffee then. Gots me prepping to do. And I'm watching a western staring Jimmy Stewart. Bandolero! "There are westerns, and there are Westerns! This is Bandolero!" Tee hee. Taglines are fun.

Gotta love anything/one whose name has an exclamation mark in it. And, hey... Jimmy Stewart!! AND Dean Martin! Ha. Love the classics.

Speaking of classics... Painting makes me want to watch Karate Kid. Come to think of it, I have to wash my scooter, too. Wax on, wax off... Is it wrong that I can't wait to see the remake starring Will Smith's kid?