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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blah, the Work Continues!

Groan. Round two is moments away. I'm so unimpressed that I have to go out tonight, but I'm confident I can get all the HARD work done today, and, after two nights reduced to sleeping on the couch, I'll have my bedroom back... and completely different, to boot.

The paint that's up is a satin sheen, and I was WAY wrong try a satin sheen in the bedroom. I need another gallon anyhow, so I'll throw up a final coat of eggshell/velvet finish to take this hard edge off the room.

My green room has maybe three hard hours of painting left. Then, I'll be all done... with this part of the Massive Redcorating Challenge of 2008.

Okay, I lie. Then I need to paint my at-present night table to be a cute little reading alcove bookcentre to tuck into the corner of my room, that'll be another hour or so of work. Maybe tomorrow. But I won't be getting my new bedroom furniture until He of Station Wagon, WhippedBoy, can come play workhorse for me, probably on or before next weekend. Then I need to stencil a funky-ass floral design in the corner probably next week. I'll tell you all about that later, but it's essentially going to be me tracing out the design found my soon-to-be-new duvet I'm about to run out and snag at Linens'n'Things and stencilling all-white floral design in the corner, like a funky vine relief. (The duvet's got a chocolate brown background with an all-white contemporary floral design. Sexy and feminine but not too girly, important for a single chick in her 30s, methinks.)

I'm gonna be so pleased and proud when this is done.

Next weekend: The hallway goes crimson red! Woohoo. :) Okay, THAT I am NOT keen to do. Like, 8 coats of red? Fuck, man. However... it will drastically reinvent this little world of mine. You cannot introduce crimson red without expecting it to 180 EVERYTHING around it. May or June, I'll finish the whole place off and do the kitchen and living area in butter yellow to tone it all down. Until then, my place will be "cartoon" bold, but it'll be fun.

I think this will be the best shot in the arm I could ever give my writing. I suspect, in the coming weeks, my writing will enter a bold new era. Colour has a profound effect on me. Profound! The last time I painted, five years ago, was just a couple months before my writer's block broke for good, all six years of it. The colours around me, I suspect, induced kind of a physical shut-off from the life that existed before I'd gone that route.

This time, I'm picking the big, bold colours I've always wanted to do, that everyone's always said "Oh, THAT would be too dark." This time I'm saying fuck it, and I think it'll work. I'm trusting my judgment, and, while these big bold colours are daunting even me, I'm really proud I'm taking the risks. I'll have that rare apartment that feels like its owner really knew what they were shooting for, and that's always nice to see, but I bet it's a killer way to live. To know what you want, then take it, it's not always something we're able to do. This time, however, it's exactly what I'm doing.

But I'd be lying if I said I'm 100% confident this is all going to work. Still, seeing visions brought into reality... in any part of my life right now, whew, that's just fabulous.

All right. Enough procrastinating. Time to get out there and get that gallon of paint. By 1pm, I'll be painting. By 5pm, I'll be done. Long hot bath... ooh. Fabulous.