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Monday, March 03, 2008

A Change is Comin'

A friend of mine ran what was becoming an iconic magazine for music here on the west, but he closed up shop in December and has joined the ranks of the working man. His reasoning? The industry's changing too quickly and sources for ad revenue have gone wonky. So, instead he'll stick to concert promotions and avoid the recording side of the biz.

I thought he had great timing, so good on him. I just saw another article that further reflects changes afoot in recording. Read here.

I guess fan-funded albums aren't entirely new, but it just goes to show you that art's beginning to return to the hands of the people, and I think a better thing couldn't happen. Let the people do the vaunting. Let the people choose the sounds of tomorrow. It's a great thing.

Getting back into music's on the horizon for me, but this computer needs upgrades before that can happen. Sigh. For now... I'll just keep muddling through.

I had more on the topic of fan-funded music, but my brain's had a fart and now I remember nothing. Well. I'll drink coffee then. :)

Have an awesome Monday. In mere moments, a shower in my new bathroom. How exciting!