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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh, I don't know if I'll be able to sleep! I'm so excited that I'm half done the painting of my bathroom!

Y'know, there was this plumbling disaster about three or four months after I painted my bathroom last time. Me, I buy good quality paint and make a point of getting a satin or semi-gloss for the bathroom a) because it's a small room and the light reflecting off a slight sheen helps make it seem a little bigger, and b) is easier to keep clean/scrub.

The dickhead maintenance guy who did the drywall and painting colour-matched, sure, but used the cheapest fucking flat finish paint ever, and the difference between his patched bits and mine were night and day... plus, every time I laid in the tub, I had to stare at his horribly streaky single-coat paint under my vanity-less washbasin sink. Plus, lots of stains had happened on his patchwork (because shit quality paint breaks down when you're cleaning it), so it's just looked awful for the last two years, to my highly discerning eye, anyhow.

I have really, really not liked my bathroom for a very long time.

And this blue I've chosen, the more I see of it, the more I love it. I kept describing it as Mediterranean blue, but now that I see it big, it's very much a robin's egg blue, but most importantly... it's a double-take on the colour of my interior in my 1972 Mustang I had back in '93!

Awesome. :) For the more highbrow out there, it's almost exactly the colour of the Tiffany box, methinks.

Anyhow. Trim's all done. All that's left is the roller work, and the painting of my shelves (which are to be white). I think I'll pick the white paint up tomorrow and just knock this out. I'm so excited about liking my bathroom again.

Plus, the blue's really just the thing I've been looking for with my tub. The mint green tub's always been an eyesore, but this blue I've got is offsetting it perfectly, like the old adage says, can't beat 'em? Join 'em. Now the colours work together. I've been wanting to try for this shade for the last couple years, man.

OH, SO EXCITING! I know. Such a geek! But, hey. I've wanted to kick up my apartment for a long time. I want big, bold colours, and I was a little scared when this blue first start going up but kept tellin' myself "Wait for it", and I'd stand back, mutter "Wow", and just get back at it. Then, I finished the technical bit under the sink, stood back and just loved the popping off the white ceramic. Wild.

Can't wait to share pictures later this week! A stop at Ikea for accessorizing needs to happen first. tee hee! Decorating rocks. :)

I'm going for cool, sleek, simple accessories in here, though... the colour's so big that if I do anything too complicated, it'll come off cartoony or loud or something. If I go simple and clean, it's going to have a spa feel to it. I know I can make it happen. This'll be my first Fully Grown-up decorating job. Excepting the big, bold colours... that's still a bit of the rebel in me. :)