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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Whining About a Body in Pain

I've had another neck/shoulder spasm since Saturday and I'm getting REALLY tired of this. Bleh.

But I've stretched a lot this morning, so hopefully it'll settle a little today.

I've got that whole-body tension that comes whenever I'm ramping things up. Yesterday I added 5 floors to my highrise climb and today's just an acclimatization day, more than anything. And a day of hurt, of course, but it could hurt much worse, that's for sure.

I am, however, really surprised at how the stairclimbing is affecting the whole body. One would think it'd only really impact my legs and ass, but, nope. It's definitely an all-over hurt. That's a good thing, of course, however much it sucks at present.

Back to the grind tomorrow. I'm trying to really ramp it up this week and next so that I can start with the bike to work by mid-March. How exciting. :)

Meanwhile, I have to go suffer at work. I hate working with bad neck spasms. It's just not fun. Oh well. Could be worse. I could be working on bad shows, too, but fortunately the work part of work is nice. It's just the bodily discomfort thing, but hey. It pays money! We loves the money.

I'm takin' a muscle relaxant at work today, though. It's better than becoming a complete bitch in discomfort... although I'll feel a little stupid, just happier about it.

My scooter: I LOVE IT! I'm so happy with how well it's riding! Now I just need to replace the drive belt and it's tickety-boo until the muffler and tires need replacing at the end of this riding season. Yippee!