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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hillary, Damn It, Whatcha Doin'?

God. Hillary's campaign is just coming apart, isn't it? I almost feel like she has no chance. Every extra bit of venemous angst and combative attitude's sinking her rowboat just a little more.

She's got this whole underdog victim mentality right now and she's flailing. It's not working. It's like the old Secret antiperspirant ad, "Never let 'em see you sweat." Unfortunately, we're seeing it all.

And it's backfiring. Obama's got this Teflonesque demeanor and it all comes rolling off of him. She's proving he has the poise and candor to be president, and that's hurting her campaign. Whenever she's blowing steam, he's a cooling front hangin' in to take over when an opening comes his way. Dude's seriously slick. Very good politician.

As is she. I might be into Obama, and mostly for the simple fact that his campaign could be his nail in his coffin if he doesn't deliver -- he's proven the country's in the mood for change. Should he fail to deliver, methinks they might be in the mood to do something about that.

...But I would have liked to see a better campaign by Clinton. I think she could have made this more about the issues than banging that same "Gotta be Prez day one!' drum of monotony.

I don't see her delivering wins on the 4th. I see Obama getting closer to locking this one up.

And I hope this lobbyist scandal of McCain's is big enough to pose a problem down the road but small enough to keep Huckabee in the wings. Huckabee seems like a great guy but he's way too fuckin' religious. That scares me.

And Nader? Oy vey. One thing great about him: He forces issues. But he's a divider, as Bush would say. Complicated there. I like Nader, though. Sigh. :)