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Monday, February 18, 2008

could be political commentary, could just be weird

(ed. note: i've read this over, and i've got one thing to say: let's hear it for painkillers!)

this whole bit about the spy games, missiles in space, and both china and russia nursing itchy trigger fingers and sharp tongues... wow. what fun. is it sticky in here, or just dripping in sarcasm?

it'd be really fucking stupid if this thing escalated all because the u.s. doesn't want spy tech falling in the wrong hands (quite understandably, by the way... let's keep the technology away from the oppressive communists, please), and russia and china are all paranoid.

i don't even want to get onto the topic of how eerily like the '70s this is starting to seem with all the big bad Reds in one corner and us happy democratic capitalist types hangin' opposite, or really, just the u.s., with whom the primary beef exists.

personally, i'm curious what the necessary flight pattern for any boom-device might be. i mean, does it have to scream over mongolia or something in order to detonate said spy satellite? (i could probably find out but it's more fun to wonder and consider the possibilities. jetting over mongolia, scaring the wild camels and freaking out people in their yurts... goats' eyes popping off spoons as contented nomadic diners are about to chow down. i know they use chopsticks, but chopsticks don't fly with my analogy, and it's hip to be west anyhow, so, work with me here.)

but when this all comes down, i think china and russia have more reasons to be paranoid and their threatening tones aren't too surprising.

it's 72 hours from now that we'll know how this all shook down, but in the meantime, the diplomatic game of telephone is gonna be somethin' fierce.

"sucky" is how it feels to realize someone flipped the heater off and the Cold War's back in biz. i really was doing just fine living in a world where all the communist superpowers cradlin' nukes were of the contented / satisfied variety. they're really not very pretty when they're pissed, or when they'reaccepting new members, like ihavetheworld'slongestname over there in iran

just don't go poking the now-awake red bears with sticks, there, washington. compromise anyone? it's the new black.

this shit's so much cooler when it's a movie of the week. sigh.