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Friday, May 18, 2007

Sigh. Curse You, Cosmos (and Landlord)

It's Friday morning and for the first time in 10 days, I have the energy to cycle to work. That it's the Friday before a long weekend certainly isn't hurting matters. The weather's gorgeous, all is well.

So, I get downstairs to mount my trusty steed, to find what? That when my landlord "cleaned up" the boiler room (my steed likes it hot; what can I tell ya?) two days ago, she relocated my beloved red standing air pump somewhere. I can't find my mini pump, and my tire's flat. Now I'm pissed because it's a Presta valve, so I can't just take it to the gas station. Thus I'm getting changed in a minute and scooting to work.

Which is a major disappointment, as I've not cycled at all this week. I'm just gonna have to punish myself on a couple rides this weekend. Atone for sins and all.

Every now and then I put my Catholic heritage to the test. I'm not about to don a hair shirt or begin self-flagellation any time soon, but I've got the guilt thing down pat. To be fair, I've had a rough couple weeks physically. My accident history and prone to doing dumb shit ensures I go through a two-week pain-filled adjustment to activity when I take things up to the "aggressive" notch. It was three weeks this time and the last half of that was a little too intense for me.

But I'm FINE now, thankyouverymuch. Even though I'm stuck riding the fuckin' scooter like a dough girl again or something. It's sunny! I wanna play.

On the upside, there's a new bike shop across from my work. I can pay them to change my back tire next week so I don't get surprised in the morning anymore. Sure, I could change it, but I could also do something useful with an hour of my life, too. Ha.


Happy long weekend. I'll be spending mine pushing a limit or two because now that I'm well-adjusted again, why the heck not?

And I'll definitely be writing, so check in.

Oh, and the only good thing about the new landlords? They're repainting the whole interior and then re-carpeting the whole place. (I have hardwood interiors, I mean the common spaces.) Nice to see them investing. I'm gonna put a work order in for cool new kitchen floors and laminate countertop. Let's see if they cough up. Could make a rent increase a little less painful. If I'm to get a rent increase at all, that is. Hasn't happened yet. :)