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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Today's Haul

I must have been smoking crack on the 4th of April when I thought I'd cycled 35 kms. A Freudian figuring, at best. I totally misremebered certain marker distances. Today I cycled further and it was 28 kms, which leaves me thinking the 4th had to have been an underwhelming 21km or something. No matter. It was a hard ride today but a good one. I came home completely whipped, which is a strangely good thing.

And one or two of these photos are decent, but I'll share several.

In other news, hurray for Justin Trudeau! The eldest son of Canada's greatest prime minister ever has just won the nomination for his riding in Quebec. Scanning the political landscape of Canada, there is no one who holds promise of the kind of idealism and zest one might have had when looking at JF Kennedy the first time -- until now. There's something about that Trudeau kid. He'll be his father's son, but he'll also be the kind of voice today needs -- passionate about the environment, modern in his thinking about families, but devoted to his own history, too. I'm pretty stoked. I can only hope he has dreams of being PM... that he's been nominated in a federal riding has promise.

So, without ado, my pics. Again, all along the Fraser River.

This first one's pretty standard fare. There are a lot of patches where the trees hang down low and pilings dot the shoreline. Me likes it.

This was the dead end of the trail and behind me was the shore of the river. It's just a strangely juxtaposed bit with the brilliant green of the spring foliage and the funk graffiti on the utility building. Hey, you can take the trail outta the city but you can't take the city outta the trail, it would seem. Kinda coolies.

I call this one "irony". Three guesses why? Nothing like sitting on an end-product wooden bench with a view of the river, a stand of trees, and a boom full of fallen, dead trees -- on the river that's singularly responsible for the transit of such logging reaps / rapes. There's a lot of controversy in the province over logging these days as the Mountain Pine Beetle continues to decimate the entire forest industry for the lower half of BC. The province of my childhood no longer exists, and it will be a century at least before it begins to look anything like it did 20 years ago... if it ever looks that way again.

Ah, what's to say? Standard trail-meets-bridge with shadows shot. Whoopty doo. Purty tho. :)

These leaning river trees just rock. They and their funky-assed roots will never cease to entertain me. Go nature, go!

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