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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Miss Serendipity Strikes Again

I'm feeling pretty cheery about life this morning. I was lying there in bed thinking about a turn of events this week, and I find myself being really happy about what I think is about to be a stunning change of events for someone I met a couple years back.

See, my school's a performing arts school, and it's really cool to be around these kids who are trying to find identities through the thing they love, be it singing, dancing, playing, or acting. Everyone's got something they love, and no one's really rich through doing it, but they sure seem content, you know?

It's an awesome environment (and partly for blame about my overthinking the act of writing right now and too little of the doing) and one I think would improve just about anyone's life in some ways.

So, I'm pretty pleased that I think we're about to offer a job to a girl I met 2 years ago. I can't remember why but something about her really hit home with me. We didn't really get together at all 'cos that was a bad time in all our lives, but I'm curious to see how she's doing now. I think she might really profit from this job.

Funny thing is, this one teacher submitted his resignation for the coming year because he's decided to go back to school. His discipline (voice) is bursting at the seams and the boss had just asked him if he'd be willing to teach another day per week (at a good rate). Then I remember this girl from my past had submitted a resume earlier in my time there but for another position. I knew her as a voice teacher who'd done a lot of touring, and thought she might be a fit. I read off her experience and the boss was "hmm"ing out loud, reasonably impressed. Then she emails the departing prof and he replies that not only does he know of her reputation, but he's worked with her and she's "an absolute gem!" Similar accolades were heard from the boss's well-known musician sister.

And I'd told the boss of her and provided the resume within 5 minutes of the boss mentioning the departure. Funny how things work. I have my three-month review next week, btw. I'm expecting good things. Nervous? Pfft.

But still. I know how much it means to move into the right job at the right time, and to think I've just managed to orchestrate it for someone I think really deserves a good break, and yeah, I'm feeling pretty smug today!

I can't afford to be the generous person I'd prefer to be, but I certainly am getting a lot of good out of this little moment. It's also really, really cool to know my intuition about people is that good. I've always thought I had a keen eye for folks. Fun to put it to the test for a change.

Well, I've had my brother shoving that The Secret stuff down my throat for a long time, y'know? The whole visualize-them-and-they-will-come law-of-attraction crap. I do actually believe in it all, to tell you the truth, but it's a hard thing to put into action sometimes. This is the first time I've been able to sort of push myself into wanting the better for others, and I'm kind of enjoying the way it's all unfolding. It's an ongoing work in progress 'cos I have some chips to dust off my shoulder still, but it's a start. I feel grateful today. THAT's that odd twinge. Right. Gratitude. Nice.

Now if I could just shake off this gimped-in-sleep shoulder I've got twanging in dull pain, it'd be a banner start to my weekend. On the horizon: chill time. Heading to the biggest bulk store in the city, an emporium of top-quality bulk, to buy the bitsies for my stab at morning glory muffins -- wheat bran, cranberries, raisins, almonds, pistacchios... Then I'll chill around the homestead and clean up, bake bread (with several grains for the first time, i'm concerned about rising challenges, but what the hell), and that sort of thing. Some quietude and focus.

I'm going to eliminate shit from my storage and other places. Free myself of some clutter. Then we've got 2 weeks of sun on the forecast (I laugh at the thought of two unbridled weeks of sun exposure -- as if!). And it's Saturday.