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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Verdict Is In

How'd boxing go, you asked?

Uh... I came, I saw, I boxed, I hurteded.

I hurt a lot.

I didn't get to punch anyone 'cos I had to leave when my ride decided to bail before the sparring began, but I had 1.5 hours of pretty intense workout. I did the heavy bag, the speed bag, the up-and-down bag, and then I felt I needed a body bag.

There was also shadow boxing with five-pound weights (two three-minute rounds of punching the air with 5-pound weights -- two three-minute rounds of HURT, actually) and too many push-ups for an insane individual.

But the kicker -- pun fully intended -- was when I first arrived and the very first thing I did was try to skip jump-rope, and on the very first jump I threw my knee out. Luckily it's a recurring thing where my kneecap slides off to the right (it seemed serious when I couldn't put any weight on it). I was able to force it back into position and, like the ballsy trouper I am, was able to forge ahead and do the workout anyhow -- including stairclimbing.

[The injury comes from when I was on crutches from a thrice-blown knee for about 20 weeks over the course of 14 months -- much of what made me into the blogger you see before you, brought on by insane boredom and uber-isolation. Acupuncture finally saved my sorry ass and fixed me up.]

So, how bad do I hurt? Well, today I wore dress pants with those slip-in clip fasteners instead of a button, and just trying to undo them brought a tear to my eye at the end of my day. Mother of god! My underarms are scccrreeeeaming.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. 'cept for the fact that he wants $100 a month. I'll wait and see if my friend (who knows him) can barter him down by half for me next week. If so, I'm in. Totally. I'd be pretty fond of that workout, too. Harsh! But good.

Did I mention OW yet?

OW. Wah! Sob. Grunt.