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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Broke Off My Ass, But It's Okay

I have a whopping $13 left until I'm paid on Monday, and I don't really care. It sucks, but hey. I'd be angry if I was this broke just because I was being negligent with money, but I was actually charitable, buying probably about $150 of groceries for my brother this pay period, not to mention my own.

I feel oddly wealthy, despite my bank account. I have mac'n'cheese in the cupboard, some little steaks in the freezer, and I'm using my broke status as motivation for cleaning up the homestead and planning some lunches I can cook Monday night to avoid this next pay period.

I was stupid and bought lunches every day this week for the first time in a number of months -- I blame the fact that I've been exercising a lot. I swam a couple days and had a bike ride, etcetera. If being broke is the price I pay for finally getting into an exercise rhythm, then so be it. Like I say, it's the first time in a long while that I've spent money on lunches, and it certainly wasn't planned. I was just exhausted and disorganized.

Hell, I was so tired last night (Friday) after my week of work and working out that I fell asleep in the overtime of one hella-good hockey game. I woke up when I heard the outcry of the Anaheim fans as Vancouver's Cowan won us the game. Then I yawned, flicked off the set, and fell back asleep.

Today I'm cleaning house as I mentioned, and will probably continue throughout the day and tomorrow too, in between bike rides and a walk up to the store or something. I'm biding my time until Tuesday --- the big day of reckoning, when I finally achieve my back-of-the-mind goal of the last three years: BOXING.

I'm very stoked about it. I'm a little scared, a little excited. I'm certainly NOT looking forwards to how sore I expect to be on Wednesday, though. I'm told there's nothing more hurtin' than a body after the first few times out at boxing. I'm getting prepared -- I'll have a cold beer in the fridge and ice packs ready for my body. I'll buy epsom salts Monday night and be prepared for a soak and then some icing. I'll probably be missing some of the playoff game Tuesday night as we're talking up the notion of eating after the workout, but I'm trying to think of a way to buy my way out of that -- I will seriously need to spend most of my night rehabbing my injuries in order to minimize the all-body pain-fest that will settle in Wednesday.

I mean, seriously -- four instances of whiplash from four vehicular accidents in a decade, thrown off a horse, a fall down a bare-wood flight of stairs, and three blown knees, not to mention tendonitis in the right elbow from cycling? Yeah, I'm gonna fuckin' hurt, man.

But that's all right. The pain'll be a couple weeks and with the pain comes the pride of knowing what's brought it about. There's a difference between all-body muscular pain like the kind I expect from this and the body-out-of-sorts discomfort I was getting from jogging and stuff. The impact of jogging was that my body was going out of alignment. That's not cool. Overextended muscles can be stretched out and iced and numbed. Fucked-up skeletons cost $40 a pop at the chiro, and can't be helped at home. So, yeah, I'll go for the muscle thing, thanks. I'll just expect to maintain my habit of the last few days -- spending more than 40 minutes a day just stretching.

Besides, I'm hurting already from swimming two days back to back. :) The good hurt, though.

Anyhow. Back to cleaning. Fun, fun.

And to "Ass Bandit" and anyone else wondering if commenting is cool -- hell, yeah! Me loves the comments. :) I've been neglecting responding to them but plan to get cracking with that again, so definitely say hi if you're so inspired.