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Monday, May 21, 2007

Shorn! At Long Last!

I blew off the loveable GayBoy today when my schedule began looking dicey. The plan was a hockey game, which I hope he's enjoying as I type. Instead? I got a haircut. YAY HAIRCUT!

I was looking a little mop-top there for a bit but now it's nice and manageably short again. Praise Jesus.

I've bought fish for supper. Tonight we dine on halibut. This is two fish steaks in two weeks. Unfrigginbelievable. Cooked BY me FOR me. I could wind up being a healthy person before long after all. Whodathunk it?

Tomorrow, I get off my fat ass and cycle to work for the first time in about a week and a half. I think my body's needed this break because the inflammation and residual burn-out was killing me for the last two weeks. This weekend was a rainout, and tomorrow the sun's supposed to resume, just in time. I think it was the cosmos' way of telling me I deserved a weekend of slack. Deserve or not, it's what I had.

Back to the fish. My chiropractor has me on Omega-3 supplements. Apparently the omega-3 fatty acids are (not created by the body and is only taken in through food) largely responsible for moods. Lack of them can lead to depression. HMM. It apparently is also a huge factor in how your body fends off inflammation. I'm depressed and I have a bad record with inflammation. Don't you just love remedial mathematics?

Apparently a lack of omega-3 can make your thinking foggy, too. And that's another thing I've been suffering of late. Go figger! Anyhow, I'm now Omega-3'ing and have started working flax seed into my diet in a number of ways, and have branched into the seafood-eating thing.

(Tonight's fish: Halibut on a bed of corn, red peppers, sweet onion, lime, and cilantro, baked in parchment. We'll see how it all unfolds, pun intended.)