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Monday, April 23, 2007

Turtles! And Stuff

There's a nice route along the dykes out in Richmond, which is where these were taken. This first one's a classic Vancouver-area shot -- trees, shoreline, mountains, and hills. One hell of a city I live in. In between where I stood and that mountain lies some 1.5 million people. They're just hiding.

Turtles! Found floating on this raft in the canal between the dyke and the homes that are about 25 feet away from these critters. It'd be a better picture if the raft and toitles were wet, but que sera sera.

Jogging wasn't working for me, but joggers look good lonely on trails. By the way, the black specks you see? Bald eagles. There were several on my ride, for some reason or another. You can go a long while between seeing bald eagles in these parts, and then when you do, you see several. (Just north of town is where all the eagles gather in the winter -- there's some 20,000 "American" Bald Eagles in BC.)