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Friday, April 20, 2007

Recent Photos

Hey, good people. I'm tired. It's been a long friggin' week and I have crap I need to do tomorrow, too, so Sunday's my only day of rest. I'll at least sleep in some. I'm making my bread tonight instead of in the morning, which means my brother gets a charity loaf off me tomorrow as he's still broke off his ass for the coming weeks. Whatever.

I've cycled home two nights in a row, which I'm proud of as I've had cramps both mornings, since the gods deigned it nice to bless me with my time of the month on nice sunny days. But I met my goal this week, to bus'n'bike twice. 20k days each, but that's still good. Tonight I cycled along the dykes and I'm surprised to see how much additional energy cycling on gravel sapped right out of me. Oh, I hurtsish.

But it's all good. I'm too lazy to unload tonight's photos, which means the floating raft full of turtles, so you people will have to wait. I was bitchy as all hell until I saw the family of 10 turtles hanging out basking in the sun. How can one be bitchy when staring down a dozen turtles, I ask you. Like I say, you'll have to wait. These are some from this past week, though.

None are very original. Just pretty things being pretty whilst being snapped by some amateur photog named Steff. Still, pretty's somethin'.