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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Laziness on a Sunday

Sigh. Lazy day. Oh, so VERY lazy.

My accomplishments: Half-prepared a batch of black beans (which are destined to be a Havana'd batch of refried black beans for burrito wraps I'll be freezing for work) and roasted a chunk of beef.

That's it. And a few groceries. It's awesome. Trouble is, I borrowed my brother's boxsets of The Sopranos. Can you say DVD-a-thon? Mm-kay. Art of time suckage. Thank you, HBO! Smooches. The home of Weeds and The Wire and all things good.

So, the Sopranos and Facebook: where my day went. I just joined Facebook. Holy mother of God is it ever addictive. Like mainlining crack or something. Shit. I could be here all strung out for days. This six-degree stuff's wicked.

But I have a three day weekend and can atone for sins of slackage tomorrow. I mean, fuck, I have three more seasons of Sopranos to watch. GAH! Trapped!

Honestly, though, I'm shoring up energy. The month ahead of me is going to be hell. There are two MAJOR school concerts, three small school concerts, awards to organize, a school year program to conjure, pre-registration to begin, a major going away party, and my small goal of cycling to and from work two to three times a week, which is so far really punishing my body.

A little slack couldn't hurt me. Next weekend I have one day off. Wah.

Anyhow, tomorrow the plan is to make some homemade Mexican rice (with tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, et al) to go with the refried black beans (for which I saved some bacon fat -- shoot me now. Shudder!) and some poached chicken, homemade salsa, sour cream, and a touch of cheese, in a tomato wrap. Lunches just took it up a notch. I'll make about 10 or 12 and freeze them. Between them and the curry ones made with my brother, I'll have nearly a month's worth of work lunches, if not about 5 weeks actually! Homemade Mexican rice and refried black beans with lime juice and bacon fat! DEAR GOD!

Life just got a) cheaper and b) healthier. (No, really, aside from the bacon fat... and sour cream and cheese... okay, the burritos are for cycling days. "Fuel.")

Well, if I don't watch it, I might just accomplish more today, so I'm putting a stop to this posting and going back to The Sopranos.

Tomorrow's my real Sunday anyhow. This one's just for practice.