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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Siezing the Moment!

I'm taking the starting-a-new-job thing as the opportunity to change a few old bad habits. I've always been awful at paying bills on time, for a starter. Organization is the bane of my existence at home. As a paid employee, I'm great at keeping shit tackled in a timely way. At home? Pfft. Ni cigar.

But that's in the works to be changed. I just tackled my filing cabinet and removed everything from 2005 and beyond, choosing to put them (via subject) in manila envelopes for "deep" filing.

I found a budget book. I'm going to make an effort to stick to one. You know, the old living within means thing. God.

My priorities have always been wrong, financially, and I'm old enough now to be screwing my head on straight about it. Besides, I've been doing a good job of catching up this winter, despite missing an entire pay period and all. That's a promising sign. But I've cut it a little too close for comfort, so that's part of the motivation now. I'm broke off my ass for three more weeks, and then I'll be stable and ready for routine.

It's kind of exciting, all the little personal challenges I've put in place for the upcoming weeks and months. When I start yielding results, I'll be pleased as punch. Now comes the hard part, getting started with the discipline. Ew. :P